Planning consent in Forest Gate

newsletter Feb 20177-235

newsletter Feb 20177-234

Baca have achieved planning permission for an angular three-storey infill development off Forest Gate high street, which is adjacent to the conservation area and within 100 yards of the Forest Gate Station which will be served by Crossrail from 2019.

The proposal is formed of two maisonettes atop a ground floor flat accessed along a drive under a building fronting the roadway. Surrounded on 3 sides by tall boundary brickwork walls the design uses the wall as a protective plinth into which the ground floor flat sits. The two maisonettes rest on top, clad in a lightweight sheet metal to contrast the heavy element of the brick. Metal cladding wraps around the walls and roof to read as a sculptural form with a modern industrial aesthetic.

The maisonettes are staggered and stepped back from the site boundaries allowing the remaining roof space to be used as leisure amenity spaces whilst the ground floor flat receives adequate daylight through structural glass floors.


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