Baca Beach Huts

3-Baca Beach Huts A

Baca Architects are reinstating an historic line of beach huts along a stretch of coastal path near Littlehampton. The Baca Beach Huts have an enviable location overlooking a wide sandy beach and rolling surf and with an iconic design by Baca Architects the new huts live up to their stunning location.

The collection of huts is a contemporary twist on the classic timber beach hut form and together the Baca Beach Huts create a varied and interesting landscape along the costal path.

Each Baca Beach Hut will form a holiday haven for the occupants with a natural silvered timber exterior finish that gives each hut the appearance of interesting piece of driftwood washed up on a distant shore. And a traditional pastel coloured interior reveals itself at the entrance of a wind-protected porch. Internally the beach hut features carefully designed foldable objects that add to the holiday vibe.

3-Baca Beach Huts B

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