Apples and Cantilevers

2-Apples and Cantilevers

Appearing to hover over the unspoilt salt estuary the Blackwater House is a 200sqm flood resilient dwelling cantilevered over the garden from its staircase entrance. The house is raised above the one in 1000 year flood level and below the house the garage and walled garden are protected from a one in 100 year flood by a protective bund wall that wraps around the garden and driveway.

The house is situated in its own overgrown orchard and replaces an historic orchard keeper’s cottage lost in the previous century. Outside of the protected manicured garden very limited intervention will be made to the landscape that currently provides home for a number of animal and bird species. The planting of new fruit trees to complete the traditional grid pattern will keep alive the sites history as an orchard and provide further sources of food for the current animal and bird populations.

Arranged over one level the home has a variety of different shaped and sized spaces including a wrap-around balcony overlooking the creek and nature reserve. Sliding metal screens of an intricate pattern provides privacy and solar screening to internal spaces and the shiny metal surface creates a play of light similar to the sunlight on the mud flats when viewed externally.

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