Tonight: Grand Designs Revisits The Amphibious House, 9pm C4

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Kevin McCloud returns to C4 tonight to Revisit one of the most ambitious Grand Designs ever – the Amphibious House. One year on from the original show, this unique property situated on the banks of the River Thames is fully revealed and put through its paces.

Owners, Nicki and Andy Bruce, show how they have settled into their stunning and distinctive home. The couple were able realise their dream of riverside living by proceeding with building the UK’s very first amphibious home – a building that rests on the ground on fixed foundations but, whenever a flood occurs, rises up in its dock and floats there buoyed by the water.

You can catch the story of this pioneering building, find out how it has progressed and watch new landmark events since its completion tonight at 9pm on C4.

Grand Designs Magazine Amphibious House Feature Out Now

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November’s issue of Grand Designs Magazine is on the shelves now, featuring the story of the UK’s first Amphibious House, designed by Baca Architects.  Owners Andy and Nicki Bruce reveal the path that led to the creation of their unique home in their dream location, along the banks of a beautiful stretch of the River Thames.

From planning issues and site constraints, to the special amphibious design and flooding during construction, the article lays out the fascinating tale of the Bruce’s determination to realise their vision of waterside living – without the worries of potential flood-damage.  Stunning photographs accompany the article, providing a real sense of the picturesque nature of the area and the attractive and successful outcome of the house.

If you have your own Grand Design in mind, Baca have a free guide to Planning Pitfalls available to download.  To obtain your copy, please visit the Baca Homes website and click on the blue Brochure icon or the Planning Pitfalls drop-down menu.

Don’t miss the article on pages 61 to 67 of November’s Grand Designs Magazine.