Baca at World Water Day 2015

Andrew Roca World Water Day

In celebration of World Water Day 2015, Baca’s Andrew Scrace spoke at the Roca London Gallery. Organised by the We Are Water Foundation and supported by Roca and the Landscape Institute, the evening aimed to raise awareness about water, weather and the importance of good design.

The first United Nations General Assembly’s World Water Day took place in 1993, to celebrate water and make a difference for members of the global population who suffer from water-related issues.  In the twenty-two years since then, awareness of the vital importance of water to civilization has been brought into sharp focus.

To discuss 2015’s theme of ‘Water and Sustainable Development’, Andrew was joined by Sue Illman, Managing Director of Illman Young Landscape Design. Drawing on Baca’s expert knowledge and award-winning research, the LifE Project, along with examples of the Practice’s pioneering designs, including the UK’s first Amphibious House, ideas were shared on how we can work with water when designing homes and public spaces, and how future designers can be inspired.

– World Water Day 2015 Trailor
– Baca Architects’ forthcoming book ‘Aquatecture‘, RIBA Publishing